The Return to Edelweiss

The group decides to take a few days worth of breather after the events of Toria.

Silivieal Milner headed for the Ironhand Keep to find herself some new weaponry and commissioned for a new piece of armor with the leather she had scavenged from Toria.

Ork Ork and Dragonslayer69 head off to the marketplace to look for the elusive magical shop. The spend a fair amount of time looking for it, before they stumbled upon the shop with a window sill displaying various magically animated trinkets. The outside of the store looked tiny compared to what they had been expecting, but once they walked through, they were greeted by a space ten times the size of what it had appeared.

Meet Matilda

Ork Ork find book

Leave a bunch of trinkets there

Murchison enjoys the company of Gertrude, who gives him the album of Gertrude’s Finest.


GM_Pink GM_Pink

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